Even Angels Fall
Chapter VI

Written by Takato Metallium
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to Sonikku-tachi. They belong to SEGA, Sonic Team and others. I also disclaim rights to the Al-Bhed language; it belongs to Square-Enix. I only own these versions, the fic, the idea and not much else next.
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"Lyuc ec hayn. Dra scydan asanymt et hayn. Lymm du ouih sycdan, so asanymt. Lymm du ouih scydan."

He stood on a surface-dweller structure – a skyscraper if he wasn’t mistaken – surrounded by the brilliant glowing gemstones that were the Chaos Emeralds. The words he chanted were in an ancient form of the Black Arms speech; the only thing that would activate their true power.

The screams and cries of doom from down below brought a wicked smile to his lips; music. Pure, utter music. These pathetic humans couldn’t begin to comprehend the power they held behind their fear. Power that would feed the Black Arms for years to come.

Shadow was off on his own mission, leaving him alone and to rely on the giants of their army for protection. He closed his eyes and snorted – lumbering fools! What did he, a being of pure Chaos, need for their protection?

A scrabbling sound caught his attention and he spared a glance over his shoulder, watching a red-furred creature haul himself over and onto the roof of the building. How dare this surface-dweller interrupt such a sacred ritual! But, he digressed, the pitiful fool had no idea what he was barging in on. And he ignored the little nag in the back of his mind that said the creature was familiar in some way.

The red creature seemed startled by his appearance for some reason. "Sonic?" it asked in a whisper that reached his ears over the hum of the Emeralds.

He snarled, breaking his concentration for a moment as he turned to face it. "I don’t know how you know my name, surface-dweller," he sneered, letting his hands fall to his sides. His wicked smile returned, startling his opponent even more if it was possible. "But you’ve just unleashed Chaos by interrupting my ritual."

"Chaos? Sonic, what...what’re you talking about? What’s Shadow done to you?"

Sonic only smiled darkly and raised his right hand, watching with crimson-tinted eyes as Chaos began to flow from its confines in the Emeralds. "Ed ryc pakih." He laughed, throwing his head back as angry black and red clouds began to cover the sky of the planet. "Chaos has begun...and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, surface-dweller. Your world is doomed."


It was just like twenty years ago.

Heck; it was like seventy years ago aboard the ARK...to those select few who remembered that event. And it was only two people in the entire world – he, and a murderous black hedgehog – who had been around to witness it.

Tyler Evander; known simply as ‘The Commander’ during his years with G.U.N; was locked in a staring contest with said hedgehog, gun held shakily in his hands. That hedgehog had the nerve to smile, the nerve to show up here of all places.

Maria’s grave.

Black aliens surrounded them as Shadow walked confidently forward, the creatures blocking off Tyler’s escape routes. The seventy-eight year-old man swallowed deeply, tightening his grip on his weapon. "Y-you’re supposed to be dead!"

He stopped walking towards him only to stand in between the gravestones of Maria and the professor, eyes dark with a wicked smile. "Supposed to be. You should know by now that nothing can kill me, Evander. I came here to finish some business between us. Business that should have been finished years ago." Shadow’s hand trailed over the top of Maria’s headstone almost mockingly.

Tyler gritted his teeth and closed his eyes; even after all these years...even after all this time he was still afraid of this creature. He had seen the things Shadow could do several times before... Mismatched eyes opened again. "What do you want, you bastard?"

"...You were the one who told G.U.N about me, weren’t you?" he whispered, crimson eyes narrowing accusingly. Shadow’s stance changed, head tilted like a curious child. His smile grew as he saw Tyler falter. "Seventy years ago. I remember... I remember looking out my confines and seeing you, just an eight-year-old child then. You stared at me in horror; you knew what the professor had created."

"What are you...?"

"I used to see you trailing after Maria," Shadow continued, interrupting the former G.U.N commander as his voice dropped a few octaves. "You’d never enter my chambers with her, though. And then one day...you just stopped. I used to ask Maria about what happened to her little friend, but she’d just drop the subject and move onto something else."

"Shut up," the human hissed, rearranging his grip on the cold, hard metal it surrounded. "You’ve got no right to talk about her..."

"Your absence upset her; she didn’t know why you stopped hanging around her," he purred, leaning casually against the stone tablet that pronounced her dead. "But I saw you. I saw you trailing after us, trying to hide whenever you thought one of us was looking. You were curious...too curious for your own good. You wanted to know why this hedgehog, this creature took Maria’s attention away from you."

Tyler fumbled with his gun, sweaty palms making it almost impossible for him to hold it. Shadow had him pinned down perfectly, he realised as he glared hatefully. "Shut up!" he growled, trails of perspiration making their way down his aged face.

"You understood what the professor and Black Doom had planned for me." Shadow had leaned off his post by this time and was walking forward, words emphasized with every step, every crunch of autumn leaves beneath his feet. "You were the one who made that call to G.U.N; you were the one who sent them a layout of the ARK’s defenses and passcodes. You were the one..."

"SHUT UP!" He made to lunge at the hedgehog, only to be swiftly held back by one of the slimmer black aliens and belted in the stomach by another. Tyler coughed violently, weapon clattering to the grass that was moist from last night’s rain.

Shadow leaned in, so close they were nose to nose, jerking the old man’s head forward by his chin so he could breathe into his ear. "...You were the one who was responsible for Maria’s death."

"You held her hostage!" he shrieked, trying in vain to jerk himself free but both the black creature that held him by the arms and Shadow’s grip on his chin made it impossible. "You used her as a shield!"

"I did no such thing," he purred darkly, watching with disinterest as his other hand snapped the human’s arm back by the shoulder, making him scream. His wicked smile curled more, fingers trailing deftly down to the man’s wrist. "I tried to make Maria escape without me; I wanted her to escape without me. She was the one who led me to the escape pod – fit only enough for one person, mind you. Maria shielded me of her own free will when the G.U.N soldiers finally caught up with us."

"No!" Tyler screamed in agony, both as his wrist was snapped in two and at the words falling from the other’s lips.

Shadow grinned, bearing his teeth as his eyes gleamed maniacally. He’d been wanting to do this for so long... "You see, Evander? Your little friends at G.U.N have been lying to you all these years. They weren’t going to pay attention to one child’s request to leave his friend alone. Oh no; they had planned to kill everyone from the start. Maria was insignificant to them. Just as you were." His grip on the old man’s chin loosened a little and he caressed the bruises there, continuing to smile. "It’s your fault she’s dead, Evander. Jealousy is a fickle thing, isn’t it? But don’t worry; you don’t have to be jealous that she’s dead anymore. I’m sending you to join her at last, like you should have been seventy years ago."

"Shadow...! Shadow, please no...!"

Tyler was backhanded, almost hard enough to crack his neck but he did feel his jaw break, and he screamed for it. Or at least tried to; it came out as a gurgle with blood spilling from his lips.

"Weak! You’re so pathetic!" the hedgehog hissed, eyes narrowed in disgust. "Did you know Maria never pleaded the G.U.N soldiers hunting us to stop what they were doing? She knew...she knew what was going to happen. She knew what you’d done." He let out a low, forlorn chuckle as he gripped the other’s chin again, trailing fingers along his dislocated jawline. "Tell her I could never forgive you," Shadow cooed softly, raising his eyes to meet the former Commander’s.

"Tell her I don’t let scum like you live."

Tyler Evander’s agonized screams raked the valley of graves, piercing the night air until they died like their owner and joining the millions of others floating around Station Square.


"Darkness from twilight, crimson from blood that flows; buried in the flow of time. In Thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness! Those who oppose us shall be destroyed by the power you and I possess!"

Martina opened his eyes, watching the fireball in his hands grow to an immense size. He turned swiftly in the direction to where his mother was fighting, surrounded on all sides by the black creatures – he was going to change that. "Hit the deck, mum! This one’s gonna hurt! Dragu Slave!"

Espio barely had time to dive out of the way as the spell came hurtling forward, a roaring blast of fire. It was extremely lucky for him that Martina’s magic refused to hurt anyone related to him by blood, because when the spell exploded, almost everything surrounding it was wiped out completely. The black aliens were destroyed upon impact with the fireball, their screeches of fury dissipating in the air over the howl of flames.

Martina collapsed from where he stood, falling onto his backside and using his palms to keep him upright, tongue lolling about as he gasped for air. "Don’t ask me to do that one again," he said between breaths, raising a hand as if to stop any questions. "I don’t think I have enough in me left for another Dragu Slave."

A low whistle sounded in the air. "Dude, if that’s your strongest spell, I’d hate to be on your bad side when you’re pissed." Both chameleons lifted their heads to see an echidna with white bangs and large ears land near the edge of the spell-created crater, scratching the back of his neck with a grin. "Hey."

Martina grinned weakly back at his best friend before glancing at his mother. "See? Told ya Bandit would show up." He then followed Bandit’s line of vision and covered his exposed female chest with an arm, blushing furiously as he glared. "You damn pervert!" he shrieked, voice a few octaves higher because of the body change. "I’ll Dragu Slave your ass next time I catch you looking!"

Bandit only smiled smugly at the empty threat – Martina would always threaten him for looking at the breasts that showed up on his person every time he used magic but the other boy would never carry them out. It made you think, really...

"Where’s your father?" Espio ignored his son’s outburst, looking at the new arrival expectantly. His son was right – wherever Knuckles was, Bandit was sure to follow.

The echidna hybrid shook his head and shrugged. "Dunno. Lost track of him after I saw you guys." The gemstone around his neck, the Master Emerald, began to glow. "Whoa, what the Hell...?"

The older chameleon walked over, leaning forward as if to touch the gem but stopping just a few inches before his fingers touched it. "The Master Emerald only does that when... Oh dear..." Espio sighed and rubbed his temples, looking at the two teenagers. "I want you kids to go back to the cafe and wait for Vector. Don’t do anything to get yourselves killed. I’m going to go find Knuckles." He left before they could protest, vanishing into the shadows.

"Damn," Martina swore, standing and crossing his arms over his chest as he glared in the direction his mother went. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Mum’s right, though. Dad’ll go ballistic if nobody was there."

"Dude, it’s not as though he doesn’t go ballistic on a regular basis..."


Waffle shielded himself as another blast rocked the house, his mother’s arms wrapped around him protectively as she tried to reassure him that it was going to be alright even though her voice cracked with sobs. He wasn’t the sheltered nine-year-old she believed him to be; he knew everything wasn’t going to be alright. His grandmother was laying dead on the porch because she had defended them from the onslaught, and now those black creatures outside were going to kill them as well.

It wasn’t the first time he did it that day, but Waffle put his hands together and prayed for someone to rescue them, for some kind of miracle to happen. A loud crash sounded outside as the door broke in and Cream shrieked, immediately shielding her baby from whatever was coming for them...

"Jeez, if this is the thanks I get for coming back and saving your sorry ass, Cream..." The male voice that had broken through the chaos allowed Waffle to feel his mother freeze up around him. He dared to take a look and his eyes widened in pure disbelief.

"You bastard!" Cream yelled, pointing an accusing finger at the newcomer once she turned herself around. "How dare you show up here! How dare...!" She choked on her tears and practically flung herself at him, breaking down in his arms and burying her face in his scarf. "Charmy...!"

The slightly older bee brushed back some of her bangs from her eyes, smiling a little. "Hey, honey..." He wrapped his arms around her and sighed deeply, inhaling her scent. Even though they had divorced years ago, he found himself still as in love with her as he had been when he was a pre-teen.

Waffle had looked away as soon as his mother had left his side, feeling confused. A part of him ached to run over and hug his father, to feel those arms around him for the first time since babyhood; whereas another part wanted to scream at him for leaving them. He wrapped his arms around himself as he spared his parents a glance before turning away again, suddenly feeling alone. Booted feet appeared in his line of vision and he looked up, receiving a small smile from his father as he squatted down.

"Hey, kiddo..." Charmy suddenly found himself with another armful of rabbit, this time his son. He smiled a little at the muffled cry of "dad" and wondered to himself once again how could he have abandoned this little piece of fluffball. "S’okay, kiddo. I’m here."

"The phonelines are down." Cream looked over at the two of them from where she stood holding her cell phone, dropping the useless piece of technology to the floor. "I was talking with Amy before they attacked." She paused, bowing her head in respect for her mother’s last actions. "We should probably get to the Prower’s; I’m sure Tails and Eggman will have something to help us."

Charmy nodded, setting his son down onto the carpeted floor of the house. "You’re right. Grab anything you want. We’ll leave in five." Cream agreed and set off to gather some clothing for herself and their son, leaving Waffle to clutch at his father’s hand like a lifeline.

Funny how some things bring a family together again...


"Miles! Eggman! Now will be as good a time as any!"

Amy Rose-Prower stood in the middle of a small group of larvae aliens, piko-piko mallet raised and ready, back to back with her daughter as they guarded the basement. Lina stomped on one that got too close, her two tails twitching behind her in anticipation.

The red-furred kitsune looked over her shoulder at her mother. "I have a fair idea of what they’re getting ready, and why it’s taking so long, but we need to hold up, mum."

Amy sighed, lowering her head after she smashed another larvae into squishy little pieces. "You’re right. Of course you’re right. I’m just..." She shook her head. "Something’s wrong. I can feel it."


Knuckles shielded his face with his arms as the Chaos began to spread, dreadlocks being whipped behind him as soon as the band holding them back had snapped. A large circular motion had begun in the clouds above them, sort of like the eye of a tornado, as thunder rolled and lightning crashed. Winds howled as the hedgehog before him laughed, the sound sending shivers up Knuckles’ spine.

This wasn’t Sonic.

This wasn’t the one he had called his rival long before they called each other friends.

This wasn’t the same hedgehog he’d found annoying yet sought after to make his life exciting.

This wasn’t the one who had convinced him to move down to the surface.

...This wasn’t the one who convinced him to marry Rouge...

‘I swear, Sonic,’ he hissed in his mind, narrowing violet eyes. ‘I’ll find out what Shadow did to you and make things right. I swear I will.’

End of chapter six


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