Even Angels Fall
Chapter II

Written by Takato Metallium
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to Sonikku-tachi. They belong to SEGA, Sonic Team and others. I only own these versions, the fic, the idea and not much else next to a Shadow plushie.
Chapters: I

Shadow had been looking forward to coming back to this planet for quite some time; in fact, he had been ever since Black Doom had died. That had been the only reason he’d been collected from this planet five years ago – Black Doom knew he had been dying and wanted an heir. He could remember looking down at the orb known as Earth so long ago from the ARK, thinking about how beautiful it was and wondering if he was the only anthropomorph around.

Then...then he had met Sonic after fifty years of cryo sleep.

The blue hedgehog had enticed his curiosity even when they had been on different sides of the battlefield. Over time he had found himself becoming a little attracted to the heroic one, even as far as to call it by the emotion known as ‘love’. Had it been love? Or had it been just a simple lust and desire for something he could never have? Shadow had never looked into it deeply enough until the Black Comet had arrived five years ago and he’d been forced to make a choice.

Even on the ARK, Shadow had never found himself interested in any of the human females on board. Maria was more of a sister than anything and he hadn’t really met any other girls aside from the scientists he had known.

Sonic...Sonic piqued his interest more than any girl could have, grabbed his attention more than either Amy or Rouge had, or any of the others in Sonic’s group. After the whole incident with Metalla, he had been thinking of him all the more when he hadn’t been trying to remember his forgotten past. At first it had been an annoyance; then it had been questioned as to just why thoughts of the blue hedgehog were running through his head.

"Master Shadow...?" Shadow was shaken out of his thoughts by the deep rumbling voice that came from the creature he was riding. The Black Arms had their own language, one he had regained over the last five years. Could he even speak English anymore? He certainly hoped so; otherwise this would have all been for nothing. The Black Hawk waited for the tapping of a foot on its head to continue. "...I have located the one you desire. Your instructions, Master?"

"Take us down, Cerberus," he ordered, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned slightly on one foot. "I have something to do on the surface. Give me seventy-two hours at least."

"As Master wishes."

Shadow could have sworn he heard a whispered "Good luck" from Cerberus as the Black Hawk proceeded to dive down into the atmosphere of the blue sphere known as Earth. Cerberus had been hatched three years ago and had been a constant companion for him aboard the lonely Black Comet. There wasn’t anything he hadn’t told the flying creature out of confidence that he wouldn’t tell anyone else.

Including his...feelings for a certain heroic hedgehog.

He saw it before Cerberus had even landed in front of the corner shop; a quaint little place with a sign out front saying Eggman’s Cafe. He snorted to himself as he hopped off his friend, throwing a quick goodbye to the Black Hawk over his shoulder, hearing Cerberus take off again back to the Black Comet. That was what the doctor was up to these days? Shadow’s eyes caught sight of the other hedgehog talking to a familiar chameleon through the frosted-over window, noticing the rather depressed look on Sonic’s face.

Shadow frowned, hands gripping into fists at his sides. This was a side of his love he had never seen before; he was used to seeing a happy-go-lucky, cheeky grin on the other’s lips, used to seeing those glorious emerald eyes of his sparkle. The black hedgehog sighed deeply, trying to focus on English instead of his usual language and put a hand to the door, pushing it open.

Espio’s eyes widened almost immediately upon seeing him, the chameleon leaning over and tapping his companion on the shoulder to break him out of his stupor. Shadow smiled as Sonic jumped at the motion, briskly making his way over and clasping his hands on the other hedgehog’s shoulders. Sonic whirled around in his seat, his eyes widening before he was kissed deeply.

Oh, Shadow had missed being able to do this. He felt Sonic go limp in his arms, hearing the sigh that left the blue one as soon as he realized who it was that was kissing him. Shadow broke off the kiss before the other could respond however, a small smirk curling on his lips as he linked their fingers together, hearing his name whispered by the other.


"I told you I’d be back for you," he purred in perfect English, surprised that he had remembered how to speak the language at all. Shadow regarded Espio with a cool glare, wrapping one arm around the slightly limp hedgehog’s waist. "Do you mind leaving us alone?"

The chameleon seemed to blush and waved a hand almost sheepishly. "Oh no, not at all. I...need to put these things away out back anyway." He picked up the remaining grocery bags lining the bench, giving an encouraging smile to Sonic and walking off. He paused at the doorway to the back room, looking over his shoulder. "Welcome home." With that, Espio closed the door.

Sonic took a moment or two to get his bearings back, as he had practically melted at the kiss he’d just been given. Nope; that had been nothing like what his ex boyfriends and girlfriends had given him. It was definitely Shadow. All of a sudden – with a wide grin on his lips – he wrapped his arms around the other hedgehog’s neck, returning the kiss feverishly before he broke it. "I knew," he whispered excitedly as a hand raised to caress his cheek. He leaned into the touch with a sigh. "I knew this would be the year you came back."

He trailed his eyes down the black hedgehog’s body, getting a good look at the changes he had gone through. Shadow no longer wore gloves, leaving bare fingers to trail the contour of his face; a dark cloak that fell to his shins covered his body, giving him an almost majestic look while the sneakers from before had been upgraded to combat boots of the same design. His quills seemed to have flared out a little more crazily than they used to, the crimson streaks seeping into the black of his fur and the ruby of his eyes darker. Sonic reached up, holding the bare hand to his cheek with his own gloved one almost shyly.

"How could I not come back when I had you waiting for me?" Shadow gently traced his thumb over the blue hedgehog’s lips, smiling serenely. "I’ve...missed you, Sonic," he whispered affectionately, brushing their noses and earning an oh-so-cute blush from the other. "It’s been very...lonely without you."


Sonic had ended up leading Shadow back to his apartment on the other side of Westopolis. The trip was unbearably quiet, the blue hedgehog noted as his mate kept his distance for some odd reason. There weren’t that many humans around due to the cold weather but when they came across one, Shadow would flicker out of sight until they had gone.

He explained his reasons on the ride in Sunshine Apartments’ elevator; "I don’t want it known that I’m back. Not yet. Once we’ve talked, you may tell anyone you want."

A feeling in Sonic’s gut told him that something bad was going to happen – call it a hero’s intuition; animal instinct; whatever you wish. It was riding the waves of butterflies in Metalla Sonikku proportions. He suddenly found the presence of the other hedgehog uncomfortable, like they were complete strangers again.

"Shadow..." he began as soon as they were inside the comforts of his apartment. He was silenced with another finger to his lips, the ones of Shadow’s other hand entwining with his own as he was backed into the door.

"Don’t talk," Shadow whispered, replacing his finger with his lips in a short kiss. His hand slid to press against the shut door, effectively trapping Sonic’s body beneath his own. "Please...just hear me out." The black hedgehog pulled away, wandering to stand in the centre of the den, looking thoughtful.

"Shadow?" Sonic stayed where he was, wrapping his arms around himself as he suddenly felt cold. His emerald eyes held a curious but worried look to them – while he wanted nothing more than to wrap Shadow into his embrace, he decided to let the other have his space while he talked.

"I suppose I should start at the beginning, shouldn’t I?" Shadow shook his head, hands clenching into fists at his sides as he closed his eyes, keeping his back on the blue hero. "Black Doom was dying; he had been for over fifty years. Making that deal with the professor earned himself an heir, the Emeralds were just a bonus. That’s why he came for me five years ago." He took the silence as a sign to continue. "The Black Comet was originally an inhabited planet far off in the solar system known as Ankokuseiun; Dark Nebula. When Black Doom settled in thousands of years ago..."

Sonic grew more worried at Shadow’s every word – he didn’t miss the unmistakable shaking his shoulders and the clenching his hands were doing, showing the suppressed rage the other felt. Wordlessly he crossed the room to stand behind his soulmate, wrapping his arms around the cloaked back of the black hedgehog and taking his hands into his own, offering silent support. Resting his cheek on Shadow’s shoulder, he could feel the anger slithering away as he entwined their fingers once again.

Shadow took a deep breath and continued. "...When Black Doom settled in thousands of years ago, he changed the sentient inhabitants very way of life with his magic; transforming the planet into a comet of his own will. Since then my kin have tried to find a planet they can settle down on but every time they did so, they were forced to destroy it."

Sonic frowned at the way Shadow had referred to those black creatures as his brethren; then again, he supposed they were in a way. He voiced his discomfort with the terming in a gentle squeeze of the hand, lowering his head a little.

"I led the rebellion under Black Doom’s nose for three years while he taught me. Quite a few of them didn’t approve of the way they were being used...treated..." There was a lump in Shadow’s throat and he desperately tried to swallow it down, clutching Sonic’s hands tighter. He let out a soft, forlorn chuckle. "I guess you rubbed off me in some ways that made me agree to be their leader. We were in the deeper part of the galaxy, far away from sentient planets, when I decided it was time." He closed his eyes and leaned back against the other hedgehog, remembering with a shuddering breath as he tried to keep back the tears that were threatening to flow. "Although a lot of them were against Black Doom, he still had many under his command. Both sides lost severe casualties...but it wasn’t until he fell that the fighting stopped."

"Shadow..." Sonic bit his lip and became silent again, drawing himself closer to his mate. He could feel pure and utter agony flowing through their link, along with sorrow and sadness from not being able to do anything about the massive loss.

The black hedgehog looked over his shoulder before turning around completely in Sonic’s grasp, looking every bit the fifty years plus he was supposed to be. He linked their fingers tighter, resting his forehead against his soulmate’s as he sighed deeply. "Sonic...when I said I’d come back for you...I meant to take you with me." He didn’t miss the surprised look to cross the other’s face. "I have a responsibility that I can’t up and leave. I can’t stay on this planet with you no matter how much we both want it."

"I...I can’t up and leave either..." Sonic was trembling, he realised as he reached up to caress the blue hero’s face again. "...People...people here depend on me...to keep them safe..."

"From what?" Shadow scowled, pulling him closer as the caressing hand moved down around his waist, bringing their hips together. "From what I can see, the doctor gave up and no one else has come forth to take his place. You can’t honestly tell me that something’s happened since then. The humans can protect themselves, Sonic; they have their resources."

He winced. "Tails, then. Tails, Amy, Rouge, Knuckles...everyone...everyone depends on...on me." He was in a loosing battle and he knew it. The stubborn part of him didn’t want to admit that he wasn’t needed anymore. Cream told him once – in a rather heated argument involving shouting and tears – that he had a "saving-people" thing and, not for the first time, Sonic knew she was right.

Shadow’s voice and face softened, cupping the other’s chin to raise his head. "It’s more like you depend on them," he whispered, using his thumb to trail Sonic’s bottom lip. "Tails and Amy have grown up but they’ve always been able to look after themselves; and I’m sure Rouge and Knuckles would both hunt you down if they knew you said that."

"Shadow..." Sonic lowered his eyes to the carpeted floor of his apartment, closing them as the tears started. He latched onto the black hedgehog, burying his face into Shadow’s chest with a shaking sob. Arms wrapped around him and he was allowed to cry. "Ever...ever since I was a kid...I...because I was alone, I wanted someone to depend on me. So I could depend on them and be able to say...‘This is my purpose; this is my reason for existence’. I...the Sonic I projected to the world was a fake. I’ve never really known who I was. I’m really...I’m really just an insecure, superficial brat..."

His chin was tilted up and a soft tongue licked away the tears running down his cheeks. "You’re not a brat," Shadow whispered, placing a kiss on his mate’s lips. "You’re a wonderful person. So much better than me..."

Sonic leaned up to pull him closer, kissing him feverishly. "Shadow...Shadow, please..." He whimpered, wrapping his hands in the dark cloak the other wore. "...I’ve...I’ve waited so long..."

Shadow nuzzled his neck, running his tongue along the blue fur there. "Tonight, then. I can wait for an answer from you, my beloved." His hands left Sonic’s to pull away the hero’s jacket. "I can wait forever..."

Nothing more was said.

End of chapter two
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