Even Angels Fall
Chapter XI

Written by Takato Metallium
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to Sonikku-tachi. They belong to SEGA, Sonic Team and others. I also disclaim rights to the Al-Bhed language; it belongs to Square-Enix. I also don’t own the spells Martina uses; they are copyright to whoever created Slayers. I only own these versions, the fic, the idea and not much else.
Chapters: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X

Sonic had fallen asleep on the sapphire throne in the room made of crystal, draped on his chest across one arm of the large dais and knees curled up to his stomach, one arm dangling over the side while on the other rested his head. The eight Emeralds had moved away since their master was a lot calmer than before although the crimson and ebony one stayed near, precariously so. His ear twitched as he felt a hand running through his quills, and his eyes slowly began to blink open.

"Go back to sleep, my little one." It was the same voice but it was too deep to be his. A thumb trailed down the matted peach fur of his muzzle, tracing the tear tracks from hours ago as three golden eyes gleamed down at him from an all-too-familiar face. "You need your rest for the final ritual. You’ve done well. Better than I expected."

"Shadow," he whispered, eyes half-lidded pools of sadness. No; it wasn’t his mate. What he’d done hadn’t been a dream. Looking down at him from his other’s body was his lord and master.

Black Doom.

The grandmaster of the Black Arms smiled wickedly, bearing fangs as he leaned down so they were almost nose to nose. "He wanted to abandon our cause, remember? He wanted to abandon you," the immortal purred into his ear, making him shiver underneath his touch. "You’re better off forgetting about him. Now rest, little one. Just rest."

Sonic closed his eyes and allowed his head to fall back to where it had rested on his arm, the welled-up tears falling silently as he slowly drifted. The hand left his cheek and he relaxed a little more, the calm of sleep claiming him as he lay slumped on the crystallized throne. Black Doom stared down at his creation, hand lingering in the air just above peach fur before he finally pulled away fully. He snorted in disdain, looking at the red and black Emerald that floated and spun nearby, feeling a heated glare from within it.

"A fool’s dream," he whispered, returning his gaze to the black hedgehog on the throne, repeating the earlier words he’d heard from within the body he now occupied. Black Doom raised a hand – the same one that had been stroking through shivering black fur – and looked at it, wondering what had compelled him to calm the other down. "You were right, my creation; being a hero is a fool’s dream. But a fool’s dream you followed so dearly and loyally. Loyalty you should have kept only for your master." He smiled again, this one just as wicked and deadly as before as he lowered his hand again. "You’ll see. You’ll see your true purpose come the destruction of this planet. You’ll learn that with you at my side, the Black Arms will rule the galaxy in all our glory. And you..." The smile became fond, if not a touch gentle, and golden eyes narrowed. "...You shall become the ultimate warrior, the greatest soldier of darkness in existence."

"And you shall become mine once again."


"Source of all power, crimson fire burning bright! FLARE ARROW!"

Martina turned and ran after the others as soon as his spell had been released, coming up behind his mate. Still, he didn’t know how a mech could have gotten on board the Blue Typhoon without either one of them or an adult noticing last night. Diamond headed the group of teenagers with Waffle tucked under one of her arms, beating her bat wings to give herself a boost of speed while the preteen in her grasp clutched at her arm with a scared expression on his face. Bandit followed after his sister, not having the advantage of wings like she did, and kept looking over his shoulder every once in a while at the chameleon behind him.

"Shit!" Martina swore as he barely danced out of the way of another round of blasts from the robot following them, turning his moves into a twist and summoning another round of Flare Arrows. Oh how he wanted to Dragu Slave this guy’s shiny metallic arse...but he could only use Shamanist magic today, unfortunately.

"Martina! Take my hand!" Bandit had slowed down a little, his arm stretched back behind him. Getting the hint, the teenager grasped his mate’s hand and swung him around as far as the hallway allowed him to, letting him go when the timing was right. A slight green glow had surrounded the echidna hybrid as he called on the Master Emerald’s powers, fist cocked before he slammed it into the mech, using the momentum to hoist himself up and over it, taking it down with him.

Diamond stopped to lean against a wall of the corridor, letting go of Waffle as she watched Martina’s hands glow a lighter blue. He called out to her brother, telling Bandit to get off the mech and come back towards them, which he did.

"Holy wind, wind which flows gently across the land; let all things be filled with your pure breath. VAN REHL!"

The chameleon collapsed to his knees once the robot was frozen solid, leaning back on his hands as his chest heaved. The other three came up around him...and that was when he noticed the direction of Bandit’s eyes and scowled. "I AM SO GOING TO DRAGU SLAVE YOUR ARSE, BANDIT! I MEAN IT THIS TIME! I DON’T CARE IF WE HAD SEX LAST NIGHT!"

Silence reigned in the corridor and Martina put his head into his hands. "Fuck. I did not say that."


He opened his eyes, the world slowly swimming back into focus. He was expecting a slaughterhouse like the one he had left, before his gaze landed upon a young peach-coloured echidna, apparently female. She gasped in astonishment and dropped the Chaos Emerald in her grasp. He watched it clatter to the ground with cold eyes that reverted back to the girl before him, who was trembling and bowed as though he was a God...

"What did you think you were doing with my little pets?" he hissed dangerously, eyes narrowing as the dropped Emerald rose to join its brethren surrounding him at his command.

"I...forgive me, please!" The girl raised her head, daring to look up. "Please, my Lord; my name is Tikal. I had hoped to borrow your gemstones to subdue a water creature that is running rampant. Y-you see, my tribe provoked it into attacking them but I...I could not allow them to hurt one another...! One more bloodbath and my race will become extinct!"

His green eyes gleamed with a particular cruelty and he smiled the same wicked smile a demon would. "Bloodbath, you say? Well then...all you had to do was ask." He licked his lips at the prospect, looking at the surrounding area. A shrine...? And the air felt slightly chilled, almost as though they were at a high altitude... He stepped down from the dais, turning his gaze back to the girl. "Tell me, my dear; where are we?"

Tikal smiled gently, if not a little nervously, and bowed again. "Angel Island, my Lord. It has been approximately half a century since we left the surface of the planet."

His smile widened, bearing small fangs and teeth. "Dear girl, please. I am no Lord or God, merely a daemon placed on this planet to kill." He raised his hands and a dark light began to surround his body, his eyes turning white as his fur shed to black and the quills on his head uplifted as though they were static. Tikal stumbled back in fear as the Chaos Emeralds glowed in acknowledgement to his change and he took her by the arm to stop her from falling back, his smile curling all the more.

"Chaos Control."

Sonic sat up and rubbed the back of his head, realizing he’d fallen off the crystal glass throne as the dream-memory ended. Yes; that had been what he’d said and how everything regarding Tikal and Chaos happened. He picked himself up and stood, looking contemplative even as he yawned. His words...he’d spoken the truth – he was a daemon sent to murder, sent to...kill. The formerly blue hedgehog sighed and wrapped his arms around himself, wishing they were another’s.

"How could I have fooled myself to think any differently?" he murmured, once again sitting down on the throne and looking at his bare feet. The flame patterns running up his legs and over his arms were fascinating, as they weren’t like any other Black Arms markings he had seen. "No matter how many lives I saved, I was still destined to take them away. No matter how many times I saved that world, I was still destined to destroy it."

Sonic looked up a little as the eighth Emerald floated and spun in front of him and uncurled himself, reaching out to take it from the air. He stroked it with his thumbs, staring at it in wonder. "You understand, don’t you, Shadow?" he whispered, closing his eyes as he envisioned peach cheeks and a crimson gaze. "You understand what it’s like. You’re the only one who ever could..." He sniffled a little, tears forming in his eyes as he held the ruby and ebony Emerald tightly to his chest. "I wish I didn’t have to do that to you, to make you become this, but your soul was blocking Lord Doom’s...and I’ve never been able to escape destiny..."

Sonic curled up again, knees to his chest as he ran his fingers deftly over the surface of the Emerald in his grasp, his eyes dulled from the sadness he felt. But he would put his personal feelings aside for the Black Arms, for his Lord. The door to the crystalline chamber opened with a soft sound and he hastily dropped the gemstone he was holding, the clatter echoing ominously.

"It’s time, my little one." Golden eyes gleamed down at him from Shadow’s body, a wicked smile curling on those lips that used to be his. "Time for the final ritual to be completed." As Sonic was pulled out of his seat and into arms that used to offer comfort, he found himself trembling, feeling weak at the knees. A hand lifted his head and he stared his master in the eyes, one hand in white chestfur that he used to fondle in the throes of passion and the other captured in a steel grip that used to be so gentle.

It wasn’t Shadow, his mind screamed at him as his neck was nuzzled and licked and nipped and the hand left his chin to trail downwards.

It wasn’t Shadow, his mind screamed at him as he was pulled closer, black fingers running through equally ebony fur over a taunt chest.

It wasn’t Shadow, his mind screamed at him even as his stomach churned and his blood ran cold.

"You’re mine," purred that voice against his throat, too deep to be his and yet it had melded with the memories of his mate. "You’re mine. I created you, I made you, I reclaimed you... You’re mine, my little puppet."

It wasn’t Shadow, it wasn’t Shadow, IT WASN’T SHADOW!

But Sonic’s memories of his mate were warping and twisting even as his mind screamed those words.

Shivers raked his body as he opened his eyes, not realizing he’d closed them, and once again looked up into golden eyes. "Shadow...Shadow...whatever you’re thinking of doing...d-don’t..." He swallowed deeply, suddenly feeling afraid as he was pressed against the abandoned crystal throne. He didn’t know why he was pleading; Shadow had never listened to him before, what made this time any different?

"Hush, little one," the black hedgehog murmured silkily, pressing a finger to peach lips as he smiled seductively. "Why should I punish you when you haven’t done anything wrong? No. Now come; it’s time to bring a new order to this planet."

End of chapter eleven
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