Even Angels Fall
Chapter X

Written by Takato Metallium
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to Sonikku-tachi. They belong to SEGA, Sonic Team and others. I also disclaim rights to the Al-Bhed language; it belongs to Square-Enix. I also don’t own the spells Martina uses; they are copyright to whoever created Slayers. I only own these versions, the fic, the idea and not much else.
Chapters: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX

Martina laid on his back, staring at the ceiling with tired, unblinking eye. The arm wrapped around his waist was not his own, but that of the teen he had mated with just hours ago. The bedside clock read two twenty-five in the morning in bright red lettering and, unlike his companion who snored contentedly, he hadn’t slept at all.


Martina didn’t regret what they’d done – Bandit had beaten him to the proposition to be truthful – and he really wouldn’t have mated with anyone else. Somehow he knew; even before they’d raided the attic as kids and found his grandmother’s old fortune-telling things; that his soulmate was his best friend. He’d kept it to himself all this time, on the reasoning that he was sure Bandit was straight and he didn’t want to upset Diamond or Waffle – the kid had the cutest puppy-love crush on the echidna hybrid...

‘...I just mated with Bandit...’

The experience had been nothing short of magical, to say the least. The sensation of utter fulfillment left an overjoyed feeling in his stomach, but a heavy heart in his chest. Knowing that there might not be another day after this...knowing that they might not have another chance...

‘...I am no longer alone.’

Knowing that Bandit was with him gave Martina the courage to face the coming day.

But a thought suddenly hit him and he groaned softly, shutting his eyes.

‘Shit, fudge and damn... What’re we going to tell our parents? Aunt Rouge is going to kill me!’


Knuckles gasped softly as they landed outside the half-crushed remains of the cafe in Westopolis, bringing a hand to his throat as he felt it constrict on his air supply. Being a Guardian, he was mostly immune to the effects of Chaos. Still, he sent a questioning look to Espio as the chameleon gave their ride a friendly pat and the request to wait for them.

"Eggman had his main computer here linked via a satellite to the ones at his old bases," Espio explained, looking up forlornly at the building before walking through the damaged entryway. "With any luck, the satellite’s still working and we can contact them at Rail Canyon."

"Rouge has probably thrown a fit by now," Knuckles murmured to himself as he followed the other adult into the remains of his home. Most of the cafe had collapsed in on itself during the invasion and the release of Chaos, large chunks of rubble that was once the upstairs apartment of the structure littering the ground. The echidna stepped ahead in front of his companion and pushed aside some of the bigger pieces of floorboard, the two of them stopping when there was a shift in the roof before continuing on their way.

Being a solitary scientist for so long, Eggman had taken up the basement when the cafe had been built, giving the former members of the detective agency the upstairs apartment. There, he housed everything he needed to complete anything he thought of and a bed for when he was sleeping. Knuckles scooped Espio up into his arms despite protests when it was apparent that the steps leading to the basement had collapsed, catching a small draft and gliding carefully down to the floor. He landed right in front of a computer and its console that were at least a quarter the size of what he’d seen in Eggman’s possession, the chameleon pulling away from his arms.

"Now," Espio began as he started up the computer, "let’s make contact..."


It had taken Shadow a few minutes to gather himself together and follow his mate down the passageway he’d travelled down, all the while staring bitterly ahead. What had just happened? Why did he agree to do such a horrendous thing once again to the inhabitants of the planet Maria wanted him to protect? Yes; he wanted Sonic’s forgiveness, but not if it meant at the cost of another massacre.

Shadow felt...ashamed of himself. Why was he only now just remembering Maria’s plea and abiding by it? He had participated in the last slaughter, had enjoyed seeing Tyler Evander – Maria’s childhood friend – scream and writhe in pain before he was killed. The howls of the wounded had awakened a demon within a demon that was laughing even now...

"What am I doing?" he whispered to himself, stopping just a few steps away from the door at the end of the long passage. "Why am I doing this? What...what have I made Sonic become? What have we become?" Shadow clenched his hands into fists, closing his eyes. "Are we...are we destined to forever fall through darkness, our wings broken because of our struggles?" Shadow took a shuddering breath and composed himself, closing the gap to the door and pushing it open, mulling over what he was going to say.

Due to the presence of the Chaos Emeralds, the room glowed colours as bright as those of a rainbow, humming softly in an effort to calm their master. The room was covered in pure crystal glass, the corners of its jagged edges tipped with semi-precious stones of ancient origin. Shadow found himself staring around in awe – how did such a room exist without his knowledge?

"What are you doing here?" The voice made him look ahead to find Sonic lounging slouched on a throne made of the same crystal glass only in a sapphire cut, crimson-tinted eyes narrowing. "Shouldn’t you be off hunting humans for me?"

"Sonic...I want to stop this. I want to call of the invasion."

The laugh that followed his statement was nothing short of harsh, echoing off the walls as the other hedgehog raised a hand to caress the ruby-coloured Emerald in front of him. "Shadow, it’s much too late to stop." Sonic smiled darkly, bearing his teeth. "Chaos is slowly spreading through the air of their planet; all those who escaped our first bloodbath shall perish once they take a breath. And from their bodies shall rise a new, perfect section of our army...and you want to stop it?"

"Sonic, this is all wrong." Shadow had walked forward during his mate’s speech and now stood a mere stride away from him. "Nothing is perfect, you and I both know that. Don’t you remember that you swore on Tikal’s grave that you would be a better hero?"

"I didn’t want to be a hero anymore." Sonic’s voice was a low whisper, fingertips lingering against the Emerald he touched as he closed his eyes. "I was never meant to be a hero. Don’t you see, Shadow? I was never meant to be awakened until Lord Doom returned to reclaim me. Heroes are a fool’s dream, my beloved. A fool’s dream. They don’t exist."

He sat up properly in his seat and stood, opening his eyes. Shadow saw within those depths a sorrow and loneliness he couldn’t reach to save his mate from. "Do you know how many times I saved someone’s life? Do you know how many times I was thanked and congratulated and worshipped? Do you know how many times I saved that planet, only to wonder what it would feel like to, just once, cause the destruction I was preventing? I wanted people to fear me as much as they adored me, Shadow. I wanted them to feel the power that continuously saved them from their own pathetic demise. I wanted to know what it was that made you and Eggman and all those others choose the path of destruction.

"And you know what?" Sonic wet his lips deliberately slowly, watching his mate’s eyes follow his tongue. "I like it like this. I finally understand – I was meant to do this. I was meant to watch a woman clutch her child in the final throes of death and enjoy it. I was meant to find a thrill in seeing people in pain because of me. For you see, my love; darkness lies in even the one with the greatest heart of gold in existence. And once one is lost to the darkness of their own soul...there is no going back."

"Sonic," Shadow whispered, feeling panic rise up in his chest as the Emeralds began to surround him. His black-furred mate only smiled a bitter smile full of cruelty, sorrow and other mixed emotions... Shadow couldn’t help but find it beautiful.

"And if you won’t join me, my beloved," he continued as though the other hadn’t spoken at all, voice just as hushed as before and raising a hand. "Then I’m afraid that my pets will have a new playmate...and you’ll be watching me through the eyes of a puppet."

The Emeralds began to glow brighter than before and the same glow covered around Sonic’s hand, whispers of ancient Black Arms dialect flowing from his tongue, making Shadow clutch at his head with both his hands and throw his head back to howl in pain. Sonic watched his mate change, not pausing his chanting even as tears fell from the corners of his eyes. Finally, he lowered his hand and hastily wiped it over his muzzle, turning away from the body of his mate.

"Sorry, my beloved," he murmured quietly, "but orders are orders. I’m sure you understand. Lord Doom will rise again...and I can’t have you standing in his Lordship’s way." There was an eighth Emerald this time as they circled him in comfort as he sat down into the crystal throne and cried; purely black as night with bright fiery red streaks running along every second edge.

Unsurprisingly, this Emerald gave him the most tranquility.


The Blue Typhoon had lifted off from Rail Canyon base by daylight the next morning, its cargo hold closed off to all but the resident technologists. Tails, Eggman and Lina were already up and working on the large cannon, leaving Amy and the others in charge of piloting the ship. Rouge insisted they head back to the city first, the female bat worrying about her husband with Vector to back her up about his own even though they had received an OK call from them hours before.

Martina, Waffle, Bandit and Diamond were in the game room once again, silent even as the teenage chameleon started a game of pool. Bandit kept on shooting nervous glances at his mate and sister, unsure of what to say while Diamond noticeably kept her distance from the two males, having opted to be on Waffle’s team. The young rabbit didn’t know anything about what was going on and so chose to stay quiet and not say a thing.

As Waffle was about to take his shot, Bandit’s hearing picked up the sound of heavy footsteps. Heavy, metallic footsteps. He raised his finger to his lips and motioned for his friends to hide, pool cues clattering to the floor not a second later.

From his hiding spot behind the pinball machine, Martina could make out a robot that was at least as tall as his father, if not a head or so more, and glowing red eyes in a body of crimson, black and gold. On its left shoulder pad stood an ancient symbol; Omega; and the clicking and whirring indicated that the robot was doing a room scan. It raised its arms, hands disappearing to be replaced by cannons...

...And all Hell broke loose.

End of chapter ten
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