Even Angels Fall
Chapter IX

Written by Takato Metallium
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to Sonikku-tachi. They belong to SEGA, Sonic Team and others. I also disclaim rights to the Al-Bhed language; it belongs to Square-Enix. I also don’t own the spells Martina uses; they are copyright to whoever created Slayers. I only own these versions, the fic, the idea and not much else.
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His old self would have been disgusted by what he had to do. People change, however, and even a former heart-of-gold hero like himself could fall into darkness.

Sonic stood in the centre of the ring of Emeralds once again, eyes closed and hands raised as he chanted softly. Playing the role of an amnesiac fool had been much too easy – if Shadow couldn’t see through something his own lies had created, then the so-called ‘Ultimate Lifeform’ was just as gullible as those pathetic mortals.

Crimson-tinted emerald eyes opened and he looked down at the city of Station Square. One or two humans had escaped the release of Chaos yesterday, but not for long; the energy that contaminated the air was in every inhale of breath they made and they, too, would soon die from exposure.

"Worthless fools," he murmured to himself, breaking the chant even as it neared its end. Sonic lowered his arms, staring at the city coldly. Had this been how Shadow had felt twenty years ago after his first release? He clenched his hands into fists at the thought of his mate, growling lowly even as the Emeralds hummed softly to sooth him. He would never calm down though; Shadow, his mate whom he had loved with all his heart, had betrayed him.

"I’ll make you pay, my beloved," Sonic whispered darkly, eyes narrowing as he watched the sun set over the horizon. "I’ll play your little game. I’ll make you want me like you’ve never wanted anyone else. I’ll make you scream my name, make you beg for my forgiveness. I’ll make you mine in every way imaginable and then I’ll give you nothing; make you crave me, crave my voice, my touch... Until you’re broken, unable to think for yourself without thinking of me."

The red Emerald before hum hummed brightly and he laughed, face illuminated by its light as his hand deftly caressed its surface. "Yes, my precious. You may have a taste of his Chaos. But not too much, mind you – I do still want him alive after all."

Sonic Chaos Controlled from the roof, taking the Emeralds with him this time. They had done their work after all – they deserved a ‘special treat’...


"Martina; can I...talk to you?"

The chameleon looked up to see Bandit standing in the doorway to his room and nodded, motioning for him to come in and close the door. Night had long since fallen over Rail Canyon and the teenagers had been told to stay aboard the Blue Typhoon while their parents searched the old base. Lina, Diamond and Waffle were being restless in the game room and Martina himself only just got back from the deck where he’d been watching the stars. The stars and their patterns dictated what type of magic he could use the next day, so doing that had become sort of a ritual.

"What’s up, Bandit?"

Bandit sat down heavily on the spare half of the bed, hunching over and pressing his folded hands to his forehead. "Martina...we’ve been friends for a long time, right?"

Martina leant back on his palms and tilted his head to look at the ceiling. "Pretty much from the moment we were able to communicate as kids." He sent a sidelong glance to his best friend. "Why do you ask?"

The hybrid sighed deeply, raising his head and turning it to meet amethyst eyes. "I...I want to take the next step with you."

The other teen blinked rapidly as he closed the space between them. "Bandit, what...?"

Bandit cupped his hand over Martina’s ungloved one, pressing a finger to his lips with the other to cut him off. "I...I didn’t know if there would be another day after tomorrow, so I didn’t want to wait any longer." His finger left the other’s mouth and he placed it on Martina’s other side, a leg joining it soon after as he proceeded to straddle his best friend, hunching over him. "Please... I...I love you... Give me a chance?"

"Bandit," Martina whispered, looking up into hazel eyes that held nothing but the purest love he had ever seen. He tilted his head again, hesitatingly raising his hands to place them on the hybrid’s waist as their lips met...


Silence had reigned between them since Shadow had been locked in here with him, Knuckles mused with a low yawn. The hedgehog sat slumped against another wall, head in his hands. The golden third eye hadn’t disappeared like they assumed it would and it was rather unnerving to know that Black Doom could listen and foil any escape plan they made.

Surprising to popular belief, Knuckles had grown up and he wasn’t about to make a mistake and start a fight between the two of them like he would have done as a teenager. No; as much as he hated to admit it, he needed Shadow right now... The echidna ran a hand along the cell’s floor, stopping to think for a moment before it hit him. Duh – he was an archeologist; he was supposed to know the difference between metal and earth.

"Hey, Shadow." His hushed voice broke through the other’s moping and his cellmate looked up, appearing confused and disoriented. "This comet’s just a hunk of rock, right? I mean, there’s no pipelines or whatever running beneath us?"

"Of course it’s rock; the cables we use to attach ourselves to another planet are mutated old tree roots from a time long gone," Shadow explained, watching him stand. "What are you getting at?"

Knuckles grinned, rubbing the spikes on his fists. "You’re forgetting that I’m an echidna and that dirt is my specialty. I can dig us out of here no problem."

"And what are you going to do next?" The new voice made them jump slightly and they turned towards the bars to see Espio fade into sight on the opposite wall. The chameleon gave them a smile as he jumped from his perch, landing on his feet. "I may be rusty when it comes to my ninjutsu, but at least I can still sneak around."

"Espio, what’re you doing here?" Knuckles returned the smile, closing his hands around two bars. "Not that I’m not happy to see you or anything, but how did you get here in the first place?"

He spared a glance in Shadow’s direction. "One of your friends gave me a lift. One of those flying creatures, I believe."

Shadow gave a startled look as he stood as well. "Must have been Cerberus," he muttered to himself, looking away with a small smile.

The sound of a metal door clanging open in the distance cut the reunion short and Espio put a finger to his lips, fading out of sight again as he backed away. Knuckles stood away from the cell bars just as two of the slimmer Black Arms soldiers rounded the corners. The two stopped in front of the cell and one made a growling noise that Shadow seemed to understand.

"They want me to go with them," the hedgehog whispered as he stepped up to Knuckles from behind. "You and Espio make your escape – I’ll cause a distraction."

"We’re not leaving without you," Knuckles hissed as his cellmate stepped forward voluntarily.

"And I’m not leaving without Sonic." Shadow paused and looked back at the echidna. "I’ll try and talk sense into him. You two find Cerberus and get out of here – he’s easy to spot because of his markings..." One of the soldiers growled impatiently and Shadow snapped a growl back as they lead him away and out of the dungeons.

Espio appeared again, smiling slightly. "It’s nice to know that something I said made him see sense." He looked at Knuckles. "Hang tight while I go get the keys."


Lina looked up from where she was doing research on her laptop, watching Diamond walk into their room with a blush on her face and a disappointed look in her eyes. The kitsune turned back to her work. "He turned you down again, huh?"

Diamond shook her head furiously, her blush spreading to her ears. "No... I didn’t even get a chance to ask."

Lina took off her reading glasses and blew on them softly, wiping away dust with her shirt before she raised her jade eyes to look at her friend again. "What’s the problem then?"

"I...I opened the door, cause I thought no one was there and I could surprise him..." The hybrid sat down on the top bunk, carefully avoiding a sleeping Waffle on the bed below. "...My brother bet me to it."

Lina fumbled with her glasses in shock, scooping them up just before they hit the floor. "You...you mean to say that Martina and Bandit – our Martina and Bandit – were...?"

Diamond nodded forlornly. "Doing the horizontal tango."

Waffle mumbled something and rolled over, facing the wall as Lina blushed with a glare. "You didn’t have to put it so bluntly, you know," she napped before her face softened. "How are you taking it?"

Diamond sighed and flopped back onto her bed, the springs creaking beneath her. "I’m okay with it. I always knew he’d end up with either one of us, and Bandit had one up on me by being his best friend. I’d rather Martina be with my brother than one of the other fangirls anyway; at least I know they’ll look after each other." She looked over the side of her bed and down at her friend. "What’re you doing, Lina?"

"Creating a special facemask for all of us." The kitsune did some more typing before she looked up again, adjusting her glasses. "Something’s contaminating the air outside, and oxygen has been replaced by a lethal substance. Bandit should have no trouble, since he possesses the Master Emerald, and neither should Martina or his family, because his magic will protect them, but the rest of us need something to be able to breath with when we go back to the city."

"We’re going back?"

"Just as soon as Uncle Eggman’s weapon is finished." Lina saved her work and snapped her laptop shut, placing it on the bedside table. "It would be easier if we could get to the original Eclipse Cannon aboard the ARK, but I doubt there’d be any shuttles to that destination anytime soon. The Blue Typhoon can be transformed into a spaceship if we really need it to be; all it needs is a little mechanical adjusting and the power of the Master Emerald to fly it through space."

Diamond yawned and stretched, twisting so she could curl up under the covers of her bed. "We should get some sleep, like we should have done hours ago. Night, Lina."

"Night, Di."


Shadow grunted as he was roughly shoved into the room, the two soldiers closing the door and locking it as he fell to his knees. He had long ago recognized the route as the one normally taken to the master bedchambers – his old room. The black hedgehog rubbed the arm he’d fallen on even though the scrapes were already healing as he glanced around and stood. He could only hope that Knuckles and Espio had gotten away...

"Shadow..." The low purr made him realized his mate was standing in front of him, crimson-tinted emeralds half-lidded. Sonic smiled coyly and leant upward, capturing his lips in a feverish kiss. Shadow was soon lost in a haze of lust and desire as he wrapped his arms around his mate’s waist and craned his neck downward. He missed the other hedgehog’s eyes opening with a deadly gleam, nor the cruel smirk that curled on the lips he was kissing.

He was the first to pull away, licking his lips as he met his mate’s gaze. "And what was that for?" he purred in satisfaction. ‘Distraction...you’re distracting; remember? He pushed your affections aside like they meant nothing.’

Sonic leant up to kiss him again, running his left hand through the other’s white chestfur. ‘Mustn’t get too carried away with this,’ he mused to himself, letting out a low moan as he pressed Shadow against the locked door and slid himself up against him. ‘Mmm...I could...so easily...’ The hum that reverberated in his head cleared his thoughts, and he silently thanked his Emeralds. "Aren’t I allowed to?" he asked huskily as he pulled away, trailing light kisses along Shadow’s jawline.

His mate groaned and he felt arms tighten around his waist. "I thought you..."

"I was just mad earlier," he purred against his neck, deftly trailing his fingers down the black hedgehog’s chest. "Can you blame me? You, talking to him...the one who betrayed me."

"Sonic, nobody betrayed you," Shadow whispered even as he moaned under his mate’s touch. "Nobody ever has. Please, believe me."

"Why should I believe you?" He pulled away again and turned from him, wrapping his arms around himself and giving a fake sniff. Thank Lord Doom for all of Amy’s acting lessons...the traitorous little bitch was actually useful for something. "You betrayed my trust by talking to him. Actually, you betrayed my trust twice before that. You didn’t bother telling me that my memories were fake...and you lied to me to bring me here." Sonic looked over his shoulder, giving his mate a glimpse of sad eyes before he turned his head forward again. "Sometimes I think you don’t care at all, Shadow."

"Of course I care!" Shadow tried to envelope him in a hug but the other hedgehog moved away as soon as he got close, dancing away from his touch. "I lied to you because I was ordered to, Sonic," he whispered, staring longingly at his mate. "I...I betrayed your trust because I was ordered to."

"Again; again with your orders!" Sonic whirled around to face him, looking hurt. "Didn’t you ever consider my feelings, Shadow! My feelings! Didn’t you ever consider that I couldn’t take one more heartache? Yes; I was sick of being a hero but you didn’t have to lie to me!" ‘Any minute now...’

"I know!" The Ultimate Lifeform had collapsed to his knees by this time, staring at the floor. "I know," he murmured, just loud enough for them to hear but mostly to himself. "I’m sorry...I’m so sorry. I...I failed again, didn’t I? First Maria and now you..." He raised his head, meeting the other’s eyes. "I don’t deserve forgiveness...but, Sonic...please..."

"I’ll forgive you," he whispered, crouching down in front of his mate with his head cocked like a curious child. "I’ll forgive you if you do me one thing. One little favor. And then you’ll be forgiven. Wouldn’t that be nice?" He smiled coldly as Shadow nodded, knowing his plan had been played out to a tee. Sonic leant forward on his hands and knees, pushing the other onto his back as he loomed over him with his smile curling more. He kissed him soundly, straddling his waist and cupping creamy-coloured cheeks with his hands. The mouth beneath his own was almost immediately relinquished to his tongue and he couldn’t help but moan at the feeling in his chest as his heartbeat died slowly.

The feeling of power.

When he was done, he tilted Shadow’s head up by his chin, grinning cruelly at the dreamy expression on his face. ‘You’re mine...all mine...’ "I want you," Sonic began huskily, leaning up to whisper in one of his mate’s ears as he ran his fingers down his chest again and further south, feeling black fur tense up underneath his touch, "to join me. Join me; help me massacre that pathetic little planet until nothing and no one is left."

"I..." Shadow let loose a sharp intake of breath as he was fondled and caressed, tilting his head back as light kisses reigned on his neck. "...I...don’t know..." He moaned in disappointment as the teasing hand left his body.

"Do this for me," his mate purred, raising himself so they were face-to-face, "and you won’t just be forgiven." His fingers trailed down again and continued to tease, the cruel grin on his face curling into a smile as he watched the other writhe beneath him. He pulled it away again as he felt the black hedgehog begin to stiffen, eyes narrowing. "Well?"

"Sonic..." Shadow was panting on the cold floor of the master bedchambers, cheeks flushed a slight pink as he looked up into crimson-tinted emeralds that gleamed in the darkness above him. "...Sonic, please...please, don’t tease me..." He shivered as his ear was licked and nibbled, opening his mouth to let out a guttural moan as he was being fondled again. "I’ll do it," he gasped out, throwing his head back as he bucked underneath that quicksilver touch. "I’ll do it...just...please..."

Sonic only smiled and bit roughly down on the coarse fur of his neck, emitting a keening cry from his mate as he pulled away to crouch before he stood. When he was given an incredulous look, his smile grew. "You’ve agreed," he purred darkly, turning to walk away. "So get to it."

"Wait...wait; what?" Shadow was able to regain control of himself, if only a little, as he pulled himself up from the ground. "Get back here and finish what you started!"

The smile on Sonic’s lips became coy as he turned around, propping an elbow against a hand and putting his other palm to his chin to fake a thinking pose. "Hm. I do believe our deal was that you’d get what you wanted after you did what I asked. Come now; those humans don’t go killing themselves all the time." He left the room feeling ruby eyes gaping a hole into his back, smirking to himself.

‘Phase one complete. After I’m done with him, he’ll be begging for me.’

End of chapter nine
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